Review of SKRWT App (Updated for Version 1.5, Jan. 2022)

In-Place editing in SKRWT app only works for the SKRWT module.

Once you’re done, save the SKRWT photo. This will save a the photo as a new version over the original one and you can always revert your edits by restoring the original photo in Photos App.

Frequently asked Questions about SKRWT

Does SKRWT support RAW Photos?

SKRWT does not support RAW photos, and it wouldn’t make any sense. If you want to use SKRWT on a RAW photo, first develop the RAW image in e.g., Lightroom mobile, and then fix the perspective in SKRWT.

How does SKRWT compare to the geometry functions in Lightroom Mobile?

Both SKRWT and Lightroom Mobile allow you to fix vertical, horizontal, and barrel distortions on iPhone. But SKRWT will enable you to apply perspective corrections to a greater extent. That’s why I use SKRWT instead of Lightroom Mobile for many cases – especially when using the ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone or the Moment Fisheye Lens.

Which image formats does SKRWT support?

SKRWT supports all image formats that the iPhone can handle for importing. When you open a RAW image, it opens either the embedded JPEG version or generates a JPEG version.

You can export a photo from SKRWT either as PNG, TIFF, or 100% JPEG.

Does SKRWT work on Apple Silicon

Yes, SKRWT works on Macs with Apple Silicon and allows you to fix perspective distortions on your Mac computer. Just klick on the download link in the next chapter to download SKRWT for iOS to your Apple Silicon powered Mac.

The verdict and where to get SKRWT

When SKRWT was released in 2014, it claimed to be the missing link in iPhone photography. And in my humble opinion, that was true back then, and it is still true in 2022. As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this SKRWT review, this app does one thing and does it exceptionally well. That is why I used it in the past and will continue to use it.

SKRWT is available in the App Store for a one time purchase.

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