Recommended iPhone Photo Accessories for 2022

On first look, the Moment iPhone case my be just an average iPhone case. But it comes with an essential feature, that I need: It allows me to attach a wrist strap.

But what about the Moment Lenses? Sure, you can attach these to the lenses, but since the iPhone 13 came out, I don’t use the Moment lenses anymore.

To learn more about the Moment iPhone case, please head over to my Moment iPhone case review.

Recommended Tripods for iPhone

A tripod for iPhone is essential if you want to take long exposures with iPhone like photographing a firework or photographing flowing water.

Back in my DSLR-era, I had to carry a massive tripod capable of holding a bulky and heavy DSLR camera. But you don’t need such a bulky tripod for iPhone Photography. Tripods for iPhones can be notably lighter and, thus, are ideal for travel photography.

I use two tripods for my iPhone Photography.

The first one is the Joby Gorillapod Magnetic. It’s a small and lightweight tripod that fits into any bag. It will even fit into the pocket of your jacket.

The Gorillapod has flexible legs so it will securely stand on any surface, and you can even wrap the legs around, e.g., handrails. But the Gorillapod magnetic gives you one more option: You can magnetically attach it to any metal surface. That’s just what you can see in the next photo where I attached my iPhone 11 Pro upside time to a metal window frame at a lost place.

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