How to edit videos in Lightroom Mobile

As you can see from the above screenshots, some of the adjustment groups are grayed out. So you can’t apply all Lightroom adjustments to a video. Currently video editing works only with some adjustments from these groups:

Not all adjustments of the above groups work for a video. For example, you can’t use curves from the light group. You also can’t use black and white conversion from the color group, and you cant use texture, clarity or dehaze from the effects group.

So this leaves you with a few adjustments you can apply to videos in Lightroom mobile.

But what’s cool is, that you can apply the adjustments while the video plays! Tap the play button of the video in the lower-left corner and then change a supported adjustment slider. On an iPad Air 5 with Apple Silicon that works really smooth. The adjustment is applied instantly without any hiccups during playback.

On an iPad Mini 6, playback stutters a bit while the adjustment is applied.

Trimming a video in Lightroom Mobile

I hope you didn’t expect fancy cutting features in Lightroom mobile because you can only trim the video like in Photos app. Also, you can’t crop it, can’t rotate it and can’t flip it. You’ll still need a video editing app for such tasks.

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