A visit to the abandoned amusement park

Spreepark is an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. Since its closure in 2002, it decayed quickly and became one of Berlin’s most famous lost places.

If you want to visit the abandoned Spreepark, you better hurry. The abandoned amusement park is currently being revitalized and will reopen in waves to the public as a recreation area. You can still see some of the iconic photo spots of this abandoned amusement park in Berlin, like the dragonhead of the roller coaster or the famous cup carousel.

Unfortunately, you already missed the iconic Spreepark Ferris wheel. It was disassembled for repairs in January 2021.

I had the abandoned amusement park in Berlin on my bucket list of lost places for a while. In May 2022, I could finally visit it.

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Frequently asked questions about Spreepark Berlin

Before we look at the photos of this abandoned amusement park in Berlin, here are a few answers to frequently asked questions you may find helpful.

Can you enter Spreepark?

You can legally visit Spreepark by guided tours that you can
book on the official Spreepark website. A tour costs 5 euros and lasts about 75 minutes. The tour will take you to the most iconic photo spots of the abandoned amusement park.

Why is Spreepark abandoned?

From what the guide told us the reason that Spreepark was abandoned was a combination of lack of parking and rising prices.

How do I get to Berlin Spreepark?

You’ll find Spreepark in the Plänterwald in the east of Berlin, right near the river Spree. From the airport, take the speed train line S45 to the stop Baumschuleweg and change to the bus line 265. Get off at Dammweg. From here, it’s a ten-minute walk to the main gate.

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