Best Camera Apps for iPhone (2023 Edition)

Listing all the features of the ProCamera app would fill a few pages. So I picked the three most essential features from my point of view- it wasn’t easy. Here they are:

  1. Supports manual settings for ISO and shutter speed and supports manual and priority modes. You manually set the shutter or ISO speed in priority mode, and the camera app will choose the other parameter.
  2. It has several shooting modes like classic photo mode, low light mode, or HDR mode. The HDR mode is highly configurable and allows you to choose how many photos ProCamera App should take, and you can even adjust the exposure bracketing manually.
  3. It supports saving photos in class RAW and Apple ProRAW format. It even allows you to save 48-megapixel images of your iPhone 14 Pro as JPEG, which the built-in camera app doesn’t offer.

In addition to this list, there are a lot more features that ProCamera offers, like Videos, Bothies, Selfies, different grids as composition assistance, or automatic perspective correction.

To learn more, check my ProCamera App Review in the blog. I’ve also written reviews about a few unique features of the ProCamera app, like the automatic photo perspective correction and the ProCamera low light modes.

Alternatives for ProCamera App

You’ll find many camera apps in the App Store that offer some of ProCamera App’s features. These camera apps are all great but don’t offer any features I need or miss compared to ProCamera App.

These are the alternatives to ProCamera App:

The verdict

This list of the best camera apps for 2023 is very personal: It contains the camera apps I use myself. Nevertheless, I continuously try other camera apps to see if they fit my needs better than those I use.

If your favorite camera app is not on this list, it’s because it doesn’t fit my workflow or does not have any features I miss or would use for my kind of photography.

Using these three camera apps, I’m perfectly equipped for travel photography with my iPhone 14 Pro: For photographing city- and landscapes day and night and tackling difficult light situations that I encounter in a lost place.

My recommendation for choosing a camera app is as follows:

  • If you’re looking for a camera app to shoot RAW and use night mode but don’t need long exposures or manual control, then stick with the iPhone stock camera app
  • If you want to photograph fireworks or need an app to take long exposures on your iPhone, consider reading my Slow Shutter Cam App review.
  • If you need complete control over the camera settings and need features like an anti-shake shutter release, then head to my ProCamera App review to learn more about this camera app.

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